1. whirlybirdbrewing

    SOLD 1985 FJ60 in Northern VA / DC Area - SOLD!

    Blue 1985 (09/1985) FJ60 with 163,020 miles as of 2/2/2019. (Sadly this isn’t the truck from the cover of the Jan/Feb 2019 Toyota Trails magazine) I am still driving it so the ODO will slowly tick up. I purchased this stock 60 in 2014 with 151K on it in SoCal. I moved to Norther VA mid-2015 and...
  2. christianleeboy


    ***SOLD*** Selling used tires (5)- BF GOODRICH MUD TERRAIN T/A KM2'S. ALL TIRES ARE SIZE 33X10.50R15 Asking $275 obo. Located in La Habra, CA Listed in craigslist: BF GOODRICH MUD-TERRAIN T/A KM2 33X10.50R15LT
  3. workingdog

    For Sale 33" BFJ TA KO on aluminum wheels

    These tires have life left, but are old - at least 10 years old. The wheels are awesome, I've loved them. But I went to 37x17 tires.
  4. R

    33" tires on stock suspension?

    Can you fit 33x12.5x20 tires on a stock suspension on a 2009 LC? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Bama4door

    For Sale (4) 17" TRD Rock Warriors w/ 33" Nitto Terra Grappler G2

    I have (4) 17" Rock Warriors with 285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires mounted on them. The tires have about 50% tread left and are in great condition. Selling these for a friend who had them on his 100 series. He is located in Memphis, TN and prefers local pickup. If you would like to...
  6. KoffeeKommando

    Towing hitch for 1995 80 that fits 33" spare?

    I'm looking for a fullsize tow hitch that is "curved" to fit larger than stock spare tire in factory location. What brands do this? I see many for the LC80 that are "straight".
  7. E

    Wanted: 33" Tires, 31x10.5x15 Available

    Howdy folks! I have a like-new pair of 31x10.5x15 Grabbers on the ole FJ60. Looking to bump it up a bit to 33" tires. Anybody have anything to sell or possibly trade? Anybody in the market for a shiny set of 31's?
  8. slickrock

    Hey guys. Looking for a set of 33" R15 mud or AT tires...Visalia buyer

    Hello all, I'm cruiser-less but enjoying the transition to motorcycles. The 40 funded a new Suzuki V-Storm adventure bike for the highway/commute and an 83 Honda XL600R dual sport for mountain trails. Looking forward to riding Bald Mountain this Spring with my son riding his Kawasaki behind me...
  9. Jinks11

    Wanted TIRES!!

    Still looking for a set of tires for my fj62. If you have anything in the range of 32x10.5x15 to 33x12.5x15 and are anywhere near Virginia LET ME KNOW!
  10. SoCalFZJ80

    33" vs 35" Tires Stock Gears FJ80

    Last weekend I picked up my second fj80. Its a 1995 and right now the vehicle is completely stock. I plan on putting a 3” lift on in the next month and eventually bumpers down the line but first it needs new tires. I am debating between 285 75 16 33s VS 315 75 16 35s. This is my daily driver...
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