1. Kolokythi

    For Sale Like new BFGoodrich Mud Terrains LT315 /75 R16 and Powder Coated Wheels

    Selling five BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 LT315 /75 R16 121Q D2 RWL mounted and balanced to the OEM Land Cruiser (sand blasted then powder coated) 16-inch wheels. The tires have very light use on them except for the unused rear tire. Measured with a caliper no difference in tread. Total Price...
  2. thekitchensink

    SOLD GA: x5 BFGoodrich KO2 - 285/75/16

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 285's as I have my eye on a set of 315's to put on my cruiser. These tires have about 20k miles, and plenty of tread left in them. They have served me well on pavement, dirt, mud, and the occasional snow and ice we get here in GA. They do have a bit of "rock rash"...
  3. LXColorado

    SOLD Denver, CO: (5) Tundra TRD Pro Wheels, with 50-60% 285/65/18 KO2's

    Hey, Mud. I just installed 315/75/16 KM3's. I love the look of the TRD Pro wheels, but really need 16" wheels for the wheeling I am doing. For sale are the 5 wheels I've been using for about ~30,000 miles. One wheel has some trail damage from the PO, but purely cosmetic. All wheels/tires have...
  4. Tylerh84

    For Sale Factory cruiser steel wheels and tires

    Hey guys, I have 4 wheels and tires that came off my 60. The tires are 31x10.5 r15 KO2's and have about 1k on them. One tire has a slight scrape from a rock. I am I the San Diego area and can meet anyone within a reasonable distance. I will ship on your dime if so desired. SOLD
  5. B

    BFG KO2 vs KO2 "DT"

    Hey guys, So I was planning on getting new tires and have been researching a long time on it. After settling up in Montana and seeing how bad some of the forest service roads are for hunting, camping etc... I decided on upgrading to some 285/75/16 Bfgoodrich KO2s. The thing is, and it can be...
  6. christianleeboy

    SOLD 1 tire / spare KO2 E 285/70R17

    Need one used BFGoodrich KO2 Tire 285/70R17/E for spare. I am in Rowland Heights, CA and hoping to find one in LA, OC, SB. Thanks- Chris
  7. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale 2006 LC100 OEM 18” Wheels 5x150 BFG KO2 275/70/R18

    For sale is a set of rare OEM Toyota Land Cruiser 18’ Wheels. The bolt pattern is 5x150. It also fits with a LX470/LX570/ and Tundra. Also wrapped in BFG KO2 275/70/R18 approximately 33s. For a full set of 4 wheels and tires is $1300. Just wheels is $800. Just tires is $700. Local pickup in...
  8. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale 2006 LC100 OEM 18” Wheels 5x150 BFG KO2 275/70/R18

    For sale is a set of rare OEM Toyota Land Cruiser 18’ Wheels. The bolt pattern is 5x150. It also fits with a LX470/LX570/ and Tundra. Also wrapped in BFG KO2 275/70/R18 approximately 33s. For both wheels and tire is $1300. Just wheels is $800. Just tires is $700. Local pickup in SLC,UT only.
  9. 1

    Wanted Set of BFG KO2's - 295(or 285)- 75-16

    Looking for a set of 4 of BFG KO2's size 295-75-16 or 285-75-16 if anyone has them. So Cal. Thanks!
  10. C

    For Sale LC 100 wheels, KO2 tires

    Hey guys, I've been told to cut down the amount of stuff in the garage so I have a set of 4, 5 spoke LC wheels with KO2 285/75s on them. The tires have less than 8k on them. Wheels were bought used, 1 has a little rock rash, others are clean. They were plastidipped and have a little residue...
  11. Taco2Cruiser

    BFG KO2 285/75r17

    Gentlemen, the unicorn showed up. In my constant search of anything off-road related, I found that BFG added 285/75r17 to the KO2 line up. Part number 74713 Going to be a solid tire for the 200, and with BFG always being just a bit smaller than other brands, could give that bit extra of space...
  12. ad27326

    Wanted 285/265-16

    I need a spare to install on my upcoming rear BIOR. I have a Michelin in excellent condition but need a BFG at or mt to half way match my KO'2s....just need one! Decent tread ok, must hold air obviously to be used as a spare. I am in NC, prefer something in the area. Thanks! 285 or 265/16
  13. Markuson

    SOLD UPDATE: KO2s, 285/70/17, set of 5 In Denver Til Sunday!

    UPDATE: Still have tires. I'm sorry. Got crazy with a build and a trail run and I found lots of responses in my in box from those interested. **If you can meet me TOMORROW at Slee EARLY (like 8:00AM or so), please PM me.** I will be there in the AM regardless, so please let me know. Just...
  14. DJCloz

    For Sale BFG KO2 305/65/18 Socal

    I am selling my set (4) KO2's. Great condition. I only put about 6-7K miles on them. $700 BF Goodrich All terrain KO2 33's Will not ship. Local pickup only.
  15. Vlad

    For Sale 34x10.50R17 BFG AT KO2 (5 for sale)

    5 BFG AT KO2s. Less than 5000 miles on 4 with some trail use (scuffs, minor tread cuts). 1 brand new spare. $1500 new. $900. Local pickup preferred. Shipping PM me for price (30188 zip).
  16. S

    Any issues mounting T/A KO2 on stock wheels & no lift

    Hey everyone! I am a newbie and look forward to learning from y'all. Just bought a 2011 LC, I am pumped!! Unfortunately it came with street tires. I have the T/A KO2 on my 4runner and I love them. Forgive a stupid question, can I mount some T/A KO2 285/60R 18s on the stock rims without lifting...
  17. 85x

    BFG KO2 Cracking at 10k

    Had my Ko2's about a year (roughly 10k) with moderate off-road use. Not really rock crawling, but dirt and gravel roads. After my most recent trip I noticed some cracks developing on all four corners running right down the center of the tread. Haven't seen too many people post about this...
  18. S

    Steering wheel shaking at highway speeds after new tires

    Hi folks: I just changed up to BFG KO2 285/75 R16 from the stock tire size and got them installed at America's Tire. On the way home I noticed a lot of steering shake at highway speeds! The shaking was a lot - had to drive in the slow lane. This doesn't happen when idle or at speeds below...
  19. PSC93FZJ

    34x10.50R17 KO2's on FJ wheels

    Finally pulled the trigger on these tires. Wheels are oem FJ aluminum - 17x7.5" w/15mm offset. Sitting fine on 220K mile saggy springs but OME 2851/2860's will go on soon. I'll post actual measurements (height/width) and update with new photos after the springs are on. '93 FZJ80 - 34x10.50...
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