Some small upgrades for Psycho

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Mar 28, 2003
I made a few changes and thought I'd play with my digicam and post a couple pix.

I took off the poseur brush guard and will wait for a new bumper/bullbar upgrade before adding anything back. I mounted new Hella 550's and ran the switch to one of the empty switch-coverse beside the side mirror-adjustment switch.
couldn't figure out how to post two pictures on the same post, so here is the inside switch.
Oh yeah, also installing Scolaro LED's in map and both dome light sockets.
Sorry for the triple post.

If you can post *one* pic using the attach then you're doing better than me. I can't seem to make that feature work no matter what I try. (Note to ed: No, I haven't read the FAQ... I just prefer to whine.)

If you want a factory looking switch there is a p/n for an inexpensive Camry fog light switch. I can post pics if you are interested. (using linked images though :tear: )

Lookin good, I think my bro has the same Hellas in the same place on his 91 80series.

Hey what Digicam are you using? I'm looking to buy one.
Canon powershot A40

2.1 megapixel - this means you can print out a 5x7 picture in 35mm quality, so the 4x6's we print look great.

reasonably priced

takes great photos. Wife and I have taken it around the world and in auto mode it takes great shots of everything. In case you're a shutterbug, it has manual settings too.

Really easy to upload to PC

Seems to be sturdy too because I, I mean, somebody I know has dropped theirs a few times. :slap:


Not sure what your primary use of the Hella's are, but here's a mod I used for aux driving lights you may want to consider. I bought a Rear heater switch (DPDT) for my driving lights, which allows me to swith between 'Manual' (the 'LO' position on the switch) or automatically activated by high-beams (in the 'Hi' position on the switch). I like the flexibility of controlling them manually or automatically.

I'll post a pic of the switch as mounted if you like...

I would like a picture and a wiring diagram. A text description might work but I'm a visual learner and a diagram would be best.
My Hellas are set up like that as well. I have an alternate switch next to my ignition. If I flip the switch, the Hellas come on, but on a low beam. When I flip the main switch, it turns into daytime :G I like them bright, but I guess the low beam serves some sort of purpose
Your reply implies there is a low and a high beam in your Hella 4000s. Am I understanding you correctly?  Or, does one switch setting send a lower voltage to the lights and the high switch setting send the full 12v to the lights?

??? Please clarify.

Working on your diagram.....try to finish it up today sometime. Really pretty simple, though. Take a look at Christo's diagram found at first. Now, where the 'switch' is positioned, picture a DPDT switch instead of the SPST shown.

His diagram shows pin 86 from the relay connected into the harness, high beam (+). I used that connection, too, on one 'side' of my switch: the other side connects to a power source that is 'hot' (accessory switched) (NOTE: I will be moving THAT connection to a circuit position on the new Aux fuse panel when it comes in).

Does that make sense?

Anyway.....figuring out the pin positions on the Rear heater switch without a FSM took a little time....I'll include what I came up with on my diagram so long as you do not criticize my artwork..:)

I'll also post the picture of the install....this darn Kodak digital has seen better days,,,,,,,

Your description makes sense. I'm familiar with Christo's diagram as that is what I used to install my lights.

Would it make sense to wire the "Low" side of the DPDT switch triggers a relay with a constant +12v source? This way you could use the lights with the ignition off, say when setting up a tent or something.
That's what I'm after Beo..
I want to know how I can run the wires so I can turn on the Hellas anytime I want to, whether low beams, hi-beams, whatever. Key in Run position would be nice.
I can find a hot-in-run lead somewhere under the hood, but what wire in the hella configuration would you connect it to?

[I just did what the directions said, not quite sure what's actually supplying power at what time]

-B- / Matt:

I toyed with the idea of an 'always hot' trigger to allow the Aux lites to be used as, for example, work lights. I opted NOT to wire the 'LO' side of my switch this way only because I am prone to forgetting to turn 'constant hot' switches off when I get out of the vehicle. I learned this lesson (again) when I put the auxiliary backups on...left 'em on, bad move.

ANyway.....It would be easy enough to trigger the relay with an 'always hot', 'ignition hot', 'run hot' or whatever IN ADDITION TO the 'beam swtiched' trigger source.

Now thats a good idea,using the rear heaters DPDT factory switch to be able to activate your lights by hi-low beam or by manual selection...
i have been toying with what switch to use as here in WV i "HAVE" to wire my aux lights to go "OFF" when hi beams are selected(which means a second set of relays which use the hi beam to "cut" the power to the lights),thus they are on with the dash switch(either keyed or constant hot,installers choice)but when hi beams are selected,they are "OFF"(due to the trigger from the hi beam energizing the second relay(s).

i plan on having the signal(trigger) from the hi beam coming to the dash and going through a second switch,which gives me the option of disabling the dmv required "hi beam OFF" function,and using a single switch such as the rear heater DPDT factory unit is a GREAT idea.......THANKS a bunch

an alternative was to use one of those "covered" aircraft style switches, knowing that i would have to flip up the "armored" cover to be able to run the aux lights while the regular lights are on hi beam.....


I'll look around...I think I may still have a OLD wiring diagram from Cibie' from years ago that diagrams exactly what you're saying. I was using Cibie' pencil beams on a TSD rallye vehicle, and I needed (wanted) the following:
(1) Manual control anytime, AND
(2) Always disengage automatically with low beam on, AND
(3) On / activiated by high beams.

Seems like I only used one relay, though, and I think it was a Bosch relay sent in the specialty wiring installation kit (also from Cibie'). I'll look for it, scan it, and post it.
yes there are probably relays available that are like the switches we are talking about ie: DPDT so you can have two signal(s)(coils)and two sets of contacts but i plan on a little relay plate so that bad/xtra relays can be removed/added and keep the wiring a little simpler than everything going to one relay and if it fails then all that wiring having to be switched over etc....

plus,using relays for lighting ie: typical 30 amp such as found at advance/auto zone etc makes it easier to get/keep a spare handy....

BEO if you read this i am interested in the camry switch if its a push button like the ones in my 80 series ie: 1996 for me..
i currently have a switch from christo that i was gonna use to activate my aux lights but it is a rocker type switch and there had been a discussion over at the S.O.R. forum about the possibility of getting a dash switch(with the fog light symbol)that xactly matched the pushbutton style of the 1996 and some other years switches....
anybody ever find a p/n for this switch?

Here is a pic of the switch and the pn. Whether you consider it "like" your other switches depends on how anal you are. It fits perfectly and looks factory. The LED is amber like some of the other stock switches. It has a different feel from the other switches with a distinct, heavy, click when switched.

Your dealer may have them in stock so you can see it in person. Cost me about $9 but others reported higher and lower prices.
Doug -

>> there had been a discussion over at the S.O.R. forum about the possibility of getting a dash switch(with the fog light symbol)that xactly matched the pushbutton style of the 1996 and some other years switches... anybody ever find a p/n for this switch?

I believe this is the switch you are looking for - the "rear fog light" switch...


The p/n is  84160-60040 UK spec  (Thanks Jim Phillips!)
  or...        84160-60050 Asia spec

  To the best of my knowledge, neither is available in the Toyota U.S. parts system, though Christo (Slee) had a couple...


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