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United States
99,450 miles

-Engine with code 2F179648 (built in May of '77)
-All tranny and drivetrain components
-ALL sheet metal/floors/frame/roof. All metal is solid. No rust holes.

-Paint (redone with original white color)
-Saginaw power steering added.
-All lights replaced with LED's including headlights and dash. Still have the original bulbs I replaced.
-Radio antenna. Have no idea why previous owner put on current antenna in wrong location but at least it works well with original AM radio
-Speakers in rear doors

WHAT'S NEW: (less than 100 miles on)
-Exhaust system including front pipe
-Tires - Hankook
-Rancho shocks
-Both front wheel bearings
-6 new rod bearings. (Only needed #2 but replaced all of them) (Thanks Dallas!)
-Original carb painstakingly disassembled and rebuilt with new carb kit (Thanks Pin Head!)
-All radiator hoses and belts

-Complete set of shop manuals. Includes 2F Engine, Chassis and Body, Emission Control, Maintenance Procedures, Electrical Wiring Diagram, marketing literature.

PRICE: $19,000 firm.

Thanks, Tom

I like it 👍 Seems like a fair price too.
Great price. This should sell quick!
agree, nice cruiser and very fairly priced. GLWS
I put on the wrong pics and description. The one I sold was a 1977 that was all original with 13 miles. It was climate kept since new and every part was original with window sticker still on it. I apologized to the first guy who called me, but he decided to buy it. I probably should have asked more?
Congrats. Can you share the description and pics of the one you actually sold? Thank you.
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Confused. You advertised a 99,000 mileage 1977 FJ40 for $19,000 pictured above with the body issues on the RH side and the rusty aircleaner, someone called on it, but you then sold them a different, basically new unrestored 1977 FJ40 that had been driven only 13 miles since new for the same price? And this vehicle is not the one pictured above. Is this correct?

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