Soaking an Aisan

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Feb 26, 2008
rome, georgia
In the back of the 69 FJ55 I found an Aisan core. I got some rust around the frozen butterflies. While I don't even have a kit for this carb (and I've read.."Don't remove the butterflies"), can I soak this in carb cleaner for prep? Do I remove the sight glass/gaskets prior to soaking? Maybe that Kroil would come in handy about now? Never fooled with carbs so I don't make a move till word from the wise pigsperts--thanks for comments, Dave
Remove the sight glass and it's rubber grommet before soaking. Actually, you'll want to disassemble it as far as you can (don't take off the butterflys!) before soaking. Take out all the rubber bits. Read the numbers stamped on the airhorn for build date. Post up pics here, we can tell you pretty much what year it is.

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