soa ?

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Feb 19, 2003
Kansas city MO
for those of you who hav done a soa how did you do the u bolts on the pumpkin side? ??? i did turn my axle and now it looks like im going to need to make custom bolt plates and a strange shaped u-bolt for the long one. pics would be great also :dunno:
Use the spring spacer that is on top of the axle. grind it off and put it on the bottom. also take a look in the tech section...there is a ton of SOA info there....

For that front u-bolt that doesn't wanna wrap around the center section....PITA....

I used a fairly long u-bolt....installed it first onto the plate and it is maybe 2-3" ahead of the center pin where you want it aligned. A pry bar, some careful tightening, more pry bar work, and I effectively twisted it into position to align properly. When mine comes off now it's still tight, but it has flexed itself into a pretty good fit. No problems after more than 5 years.

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