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Jan 29, 2003
I have a 72 Fj40 with the stock 3 speed transfercase and axles. I am in the process of getting the parts together to do a spring over. I have a few questions. I am thinking about running a front CV drive line from a 85 toy truck. Will these work with my application, and if not can I make them work. I am also trying to come up with a list of parts that I will be needing and also a list of special tools. I am going to rebuild the axles and lock them up while I am at it. Does anyone have a list of parts needed and special tools that will be needed.

I am ordering

The Spring Over Axle Kit from Proffits Cruisers

The kit includes:
- A front axle housing (turned 13 - 16 degrees depending on what you need)
- Spring hangers and shackle hangers for the front axle (for a shackle reversal)
- Spring perches for the rear axle
- Bolts and Bushings
- Track bar for the rear.

Does anyone have any experience with this kit, it seems like a good deal at $498 dollars. I was going to try to get the axle cut and turned locally, but I dont know anyone in the Fresno California area that does it.

-I have front mini disc brake conversion ready to bolt on with all the brake lines, brake pads, and turned rotors.

-I ordered a set of profields and I have Asin hubs to go with those

-I will soon be ordering some cromo inners

What I Need :

-Axle overhaul Kits-Does anyone know were to get these at a resanable price and what kit would I use since I am using Mini truck disc conversion.

-Rear extended brake lines-Where is the best place to get these.

-New shocks, but I will get those after I get lift done so I can properly measure it.

-U-Bolt kit-Can I use stock size U bolts with a spring over

-Will I need shims for the axle, and how do I know if I need them

Any help with the special tools would be great. Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

[quote author=megolfer link=board=1;threadid=8740;start=msg75283#msg75283 date=1071295236]
-U-Bolt kit-Can I use stock size U bolts with a spring over
I did.
The price on that kits does'nt seem too bad as long as there is'nt a core charge on the axle housing then you have to consider the freight returning the core.

Personaly I'm not sold on the cut and turn routine. I have'nt driven one yet but I've driven several cruisers(including my own) without the cut and turn and wonder why you would go to that trouble?

Anyway the cheap way to deal with brake lines: take the front one add it to the rear one. get a rear line from another rig and use it up front.

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