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Mar 18, 2008
So pretty much i cant afford a good winch, So i just use my trusty jack all. Its good to be prepared.
truck2 007.jpg
truck2 011.jpg
truck2 010.jpg
Hey Jr What all u got Done to ur truck? lift tires and much more?
Snow bites, I'm sick of digging. That's a massive strap, nice. :D
The strap is rated for 20,000 pounds lol princess auto special! and i just got a used VHF radio with a few lad channels etc, I was wondering were are some good places to mount subs? that will not take one of my seats away i was looking at a Vt kicker shallow mount 10' that fits in the driverside rear compartment under the seat, buttt it isnt as loud as 2 12's that are the same price do you guys have any other ideas? my limit on the system is 400$. The aussie is most diffenetly the next thing on my list though. And im going to start building a 8' round tube steel bumper with a winch mount, just with metal around my garage and my shop class!
A few days ago I hitched a ride to the creek in a Toyota with 2 12's. I forgot what it was like, we were shaking all the pink jeeps in Sedona. :grinpimp: :bounce: There's problably a good way to mount them in a weather resistant box in the bed somewhere. The PO had one under my driver's seat that worked pretty well but that's all tool storage now. Good luck with the speakers and bumper. :D
make that a 5' or 4' tube for the bumper lol not 8 haha
Yours is an extra cab, no?

I've had 2 12" infinity's in my standard cab, and now have 2 10's in there behind the seats. I've even still got the jack and tools in the correct spots, with the amp under the PS seat, and the 2 10" (Infinity References) subs in homemade boxes with 4.5" speakers back there. Seats still slide all the way back!

I'm not sure how one would do it with the extra cab. My Sister has thought about doing that in her extra cab, but I just don't see a good way to do it without taking away a seat or two.

Good system+passengers=4Runner haha. Nice snow pics. You could make a box that holds a 15" sub that sits between the back seats and make your passengers squeeze in, but other than that I'd probably go with a couple 8" subs in the sides of the xtra cab with 6.5" speakers in the doors. A small cab like that doesn't need much, I had a box in my 98 Taco xtra cab with 3 10" subs and I blame a lot of my hearing loss on it haha.
Man thats one sweet looking truck!......As long as you dont ever wash it :D

Did you see the Top Gear polar expedition where they touched lightly on snow driving techniques?

I'd link it :D but I think this will do for now....get yerself a set-o-dez and getting stuck will be a thing-o-de-past :flipoff2:

YouTube - matraks :smokin:

:frown: I called Matt a wile back in case you wondering, IIRC @ $30-40k for the baseline steelies and @ $90k (again IIRC) for the aluminuminum.

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