Smell of Gas

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Feb 11, 2012
Sandpoint, ID
I have a pretty constant faint smell of gasoline when operating my LX470. Everything seems to be operating fine, no CEL, nothing else out of the ordinary, just the smell.

Issue or potential issue?
Guys, I'm getting a strong gas smell now. Garage smells like gas if the 100 is parked I there. There are no visible leaks.

The one thing I can say is that just prior to having the problem I let my gas tank get down to the lowest level I've ever let it go.

I'm starting with a new gas cap and we'll see from there. My charcoal canister is located in the engine bay (2000).

Any other thoughts?
Okay new gas cap is on and it didn't fix the problem. The smell is definitely worse when the fuel tank is fuller. Any ideas? Smell seems to coming from around the tank and not the engine bay.
Bumping this again as I haven't figured this out. Here's a recap:

I'm getting a gas smell when the tank is full or on the fuller side. When the tank is half full or less, no smell.

There is no fuel smell inside the car

There are no visible leaks

The smell seems to be coming from around the tank area ( rear of the Hundy). No smell in the engine bay.

Here's what I've tried:

New gas cap

I tightened the fuel pump lid under the 2nd row seats.

Anybody else encounter this?
I have the same issue. Tried the silicone fix around the interior rear driver's panel from dominic's post.

If I were not flogging Christmas trees for the Boy Scouts this weekend, I would peek in the access under the rear seats to see if the seal is shot and maybe change the sock while I'm at it... (good 80 write up here)

Might be the end of the filler tube so I am borrowing a scope. Rust may be the culprit in the end.
Tested both vsv's- they checked out fine.

What's the best way to check the filler and vent connections? Do i have to drop the tank?
My car was doing this for an entire summer, than magically cured itself. It drove me nuts! Good luck in finding the solution
Have you guys scanned the OBD codes? Some EVAP codes may not turn on the CEL. I had a P0456 (Evaporative Emissions System - Small leak detected) on my LC for a long time yet the CEL was never on.
I have - no codes. How does one check for leaks on the filler/vent tube? I suppose I could check to see if everything is tightened down.
I'll give my $.02. I had to drop the gas tank recently because I had a rust ruptured fuel line I had to replace. While there I realized that some of the other rubber lines that meet at the top of the tank were dry rotted and didn't have clamps on them. I'm guessing these are vent lines for vapor. I had to remove and reseat them during the process and remember thinking these are low priority but I may smell some gas fumes since I had no comfort that they are well seated. Long story short, no fumes before repair, fumes now. I strongly suspect these hoses are allowing fuel vapors to release, more in the summer heat than the winter cold because the rubber shrinks to a tighter connection in the cold and because the fuel evaporates less in the cold. I intend to go back in and replace these lines someday and put clamps on them to boot. Not saying this is everyone's problem but I strongly suspect it's mine.
I think this is very likely the cause. The problem goes away when the tank gets below 3/4.

Which hose(es) was the prime suspect?

The best method is to use an evaporative system smoke machine to find where the leak is. Spend a couple $$ for diagnostic at an experienced shop that has one. That's how I found the pinhole leak located on the top of my tank.
The Evap hose on the right side of the diagram was the one I was referring to. Interestingly the diagram shows hose clamps yet there was no evidence of clamps on mine. That length of hose on top of the tube was just pushed on at both sides but was hard as a rock. There was no resistance to slipping it off or on after a slight twist.
Could be a malfunctioning charcoal canister. Perhaps a blocked line (which I would think would throw a code) or maybe fuel got into it. I've heard about the latter when someone had a full tank at high altitude. I smelled it around their truck when they parked and after a bit of a drive the next couple of days it went away.
bump... My 01 just developed this issue. Faint smell of Gas at the DS back end of truck. Need to fix...
01 LC. sounds like the canister is the the engine bay. my gas smell is DS in the back. Now that I think about it, the smell is worse when the tank is full.
Same problem with my 00 LX. I'm guessing all my rust has something to do with it. The fill and return lines are pretty corroded and could be a potential leak source.

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