Small block w/ 700r4&splitcase who's done it?

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May 13, 2002
Greg's place
I got a couple of q's for anyone whose done it. Assuming you used the AA 700r4 to splitcase adapter (about 6.75" long) and kept the same shafts you had before the swap, how far back did you move your crossmember? I'm figuring about 10.5", does this sound correct?


Sixty did it.
Waggoner5 said:
I left my case in the same spot and moved the engine in the engine bay. It put the engine in the perfect spot.

Right but the mount has to move back in order to keep the tcase in the same place. The stock mount is under the trans and with the 700r4 conversion the mount is now under the adapter alot closer to the tcase. Make sense? I'm figuring about 10.5" back from stock.
I see what you are saying. The AA adapter I used did hold a factory mount which bolted right to the crossmember. I left the crossmember in the factory spot on the frame. The tcase did hang back farther than it did, because of the lenghth of the adapter, making the need to adjust shaft lenghths some, but the crossmember itself stayed bolted in the same spot. With all of this bolted together, the SBC was perfectly centered in the engine bay and the adapter with the stock Toy mount bolted to the xmember in the factory spot. The pic of the frame is difficult to see but this is the setup originally with the SBC. Factory xmember bolted in the factory spot.
I have a BBC with a Klune and Tcase and still have the crossmember bolted up to the stock mounts. I have fabbed a new xmember to grab the tcase/Klune where I wanted, but it still bolts up in the stock position.
You don't know how much the shafts needed to be lengthened and shortened do ya?
Anyone else?

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