Slip Control Light and driving issue

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Jul 18, 2012
Hi All:
On my 2001 LC, it has developed an issue this week.

Driving above 30- 35 MPH and turning RIGHT, on a dry road surface, the SLIP CONTROL LIGHT (vehicle image with skid marks) lights up and the alarm sounds for about 3 seconds. Scared the heck out of my wife, as it also seems to apply the brakes to one of the wheels. As sson as it straightens out, no issues.

When I push in the button to lock the differential, the VSC OFF light does not light up anymore. It used to. I can only assume that these two issues are related?

Tires are brand new.

When I turn the ignition on, all the lights light up and once the engine starts, they go away.

I am finding information on wheel speed sensors, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Remove the speed sensors and clean them. They get dirty. Also check the wiring and make sure the tire shop did not damage the wiring.
Hi All. Here is the update. The mechanic has found that there is a problem with the circuit board inside the ABS Module. It seems that the module is integrated with a bunch of other sensors, and that seems to be causing the issue.

Does anyone know of a place that can repair the ABS module, if it is sent in?

Or, does anyone have a good source for a replacement ABS module?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Also wanted to mention, that this only happens in one or two places that we drive on a regular basis. Cannot replicate it on every turn. Also, ONLY RIGHT turns!

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Also, the wheel speed sensors were checked and they are all OK.

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