slightly different slider design

Sep 13, 2003
Wichita, KS
Here are the links to my slider install. I don't have any pics of the slider build up but its pretty straight forward 4Crawler (Roger Brown) design. They are a slight over kill since I ended up using .25" wall for all of it but they shouldn't fail no matter how badly they get hammered. While I was getting my gears installed I had Poser burn them on when I was up north this past weekend. Looking forward to putting them to use out at CM in May.

frame mount design

The goal was keep the belly clean and not have the funky mount to go around the cat install. This was the reasoning for the body lift and cat repositioning. I'm sure I'll hear about the cat but since I don't live in NY or the Peoples Republic of California it'll fly for now.

Enjoy :cheers:

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