Slider suggestions for a 94, preferably in the Southeast or east coast. (1 Viewer)

May 31, 2010
I am looking for sliders for my 94. The 94 limits me from some companies i like. I live in Georgia and many of the companies i like are on the west coast. Shipping is a killer on these. If i need to i will just deal with it. But I woudls rather buy from someone in the southeast or east coast. Any recommendations? One other option is that in 6 months i will be driving from GA to WY I could pick up something on the way if possible. But then i have limited shop options for the instal or paint. Any ideas?
Sep 15, 2007
Houston, TX
when i was shopping sliders for my 94, white knuckle off road had the best deal at the time and if i remember right, the shipping was a flat fee regardless of location. the ship out of CA.

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