Slider mounting in relation to pinch weld (1 Viewer)

Dec 9, 2007
Where is everybody mounting their sliders in relation to the pinch weld? Are your sliders protecting your pinch weld? Or are they out beyond it? I am trying to figure out where I should mount them, they are Marlin Crawler sliders that I will be modifying for more protection. Where should they be for maximum protection? Thanks.
May 19, 2008
Hey, mine are tube sliders that are welded on. I have mine just barely outside and down about 1/4" from the pinch weld. The downside to this (and I may move them down lower) is sometimes they get mud caked in between the sliders and the pinch weld and cause some vibration noises in the cab. I had also cut and pounded the pinch weld inward and sprayed with rubberized coating to allow the slider arms and sliders to sit closer to the vehicle. In retrospect I should have just left them about 1/2" down from the pinch weld. I think mostly it's whatever looks best to you. You can use some jack stands and blocks to hold them up there and stand back and look at it before you're ready to go at it...good luck.

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