Skreddy’s 71 Resto

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Feb 3, 2020
Deer Park, WA
I picked up this 71 over the weekend. Plan is a full, back to stock restoration. Haven’t had time to inventory everything yet and get more pics but the story is below as I know it so far. (Sorry it’s long).

Saw it on Craigslist a few days ago and messaged the guy and my buddy drove up to look at it and gave a deposit until I could pick it up yesterday. I got it from the third owner: first was said to be local search and rescue, then the father of who I got it from that bought it in 75. In around 1990, with about 80k actual miles, the cruiser was moved to eastern wa and put in a climate controlled shop to start a restoration. It was stripped and the tub was sandblasted, then it sat in there for the last 30 years untouched. There’s a dime size rust spot in each rear corner and a little strip by tailgate area of tub; I know there will be more but that’s all I can find. Every single piece is said to be there, along with tons of receipts, etc. In the 25 or so boxes of parts are countless bags of labeled bolts and stuff with diagrams as to where each went. I was blown away with how meticulous this guy was in his documenting for reassembly.
Anyhow, that’s where I’m at so far. Got it back to western Washington and actually the same town it was bought from by PO’s dad. More to come in the next weeks/months.


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Cool story. Good luck putting it back together. 👍
Got some time today to unload the rest of the boxes and get some pictures.










I know it’s missing one rear seat. Story is, since it was bought for search and rescue, the second seat was taken out for more room for stuff.
Got some time to get started on this build. I built a rack to hold all my parts and get organized.

Started marking extra holes put in the tub to be welded up so I can get it in primer. Been in bare metal since 1990 but that was in a climate controlled shop in eastern WA. Already starting to show signs of surface rust from being in western WA since I got it.
I’ve marked what I think needs welded: there was a homemade swinging rack of the rear drivers corner, holes for an aftermarket or homemade bumper, then holes maybe from a CB antenna above what I think is the reverse light on drivers corner. Any input on whether any of these are needed?



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And how about this hole inside rear door on drivers side?
Oh and of course all the holes from the custom locking fuel door...




Used an engine hoist and pulled the body off the frame today. Could’ve done it in less than 1, but ended up a 2 IPA job.... Now on to welding extra holes and the rear floor edge rust repair.



Impressive truck and looks very complete. Should be a fun project. Please tell me you will repaint is Spring Green?
Yes it’s going back spring green. Trying to make it as close to factory as possible. Not going to be a show quality resto, but I want it to turn out pretty damn nice.
Filled and ground most of the extra holes today and cut out the rear 2” of floor up to the rear sill. Figured it was better to patch in this whole section instead of 4 or 5 smaller sections. At this point I’m debating on whether I should just replace the rear sill and get quarters for the lower section that needs a patch where they butt against the sill or just make the patches like I planned and leave the sill in place. Decisions.



Also disassembled the hardtop. The rear corners of the rain gutter are rusty but the rest is in awesome shape. Even the rubber seal between the sides and rain gutter/ cap looks in really good shape and may be reusable. Need to decide whether to repair the gutter sections or buy those specific replacements.


Finished cutting out the rear floor and rear sill cover. Rear sill will need a patch at minimum. Need to get the lower tub corners cut off to see what needs to happen.


Rear sill is out. Brake formed up a new center portion of the rear sill that I’ll graft the curved corners onto. Couldn’t see spending the money on a new rear sill when small portions were all that was really bad. Also formed up the new rear floor section (last 2” that overlaps the sill) and a new sill cover. Need to patch the corners then get all this in.





I got a couple hours today before my daughters bday party so I got my corner patches and rear of floor in. Needs a couple more passes of tack welds then grinding and see how it looks but I’m really happy with how it is turning out. The worst part of sheet metal work for me is waiting for it to cool because I’m impatient. So I started on building my new rear sill between passes of tacks. I was going to graft the curved sections onto a piece of channel I bent up, but when I started sandblasting them I wasn’t pleased with how pitted they were. I traced the ends onto some sheet and cut them out and started welding them to the channel, with lots of test fitting. Turning out great so far. May get a little more time tomorrow to work on it but now I’ve got to attend a 4 year olds unicorn themed birthday party!




Quarter patches are pretty much done. Tiny bit more hammer and dolly work to make them as best I can but the welds are ground inside and out. Rear floor is welded up, just need to finish grinding the welds then hammerwork it all nice and smooth. Rear sill is done and in weld through primer but not installed yet. I’m trying really hard to grind small spots and move on, same with tack welding so as not to get any heat warpage. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out though it’s killing me when it’s still too warm to go back and grind or weld. And when I started on it, was a little too early for a cooldown ipa. But by the time I stopped tonight....




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