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Where's My Hammer?
Oct 7, 2008
Called shop today. Ended up talking about getti g into the offroad/SUV market I figured I'd post it here since I usually find shops that show interest towards us cruisers.

I know ACC is a great shop. And many other shops that work on toyota.
For us MUD members he will give us a discount on stuff. If there is enough interest and/or bussiness he said hewould become an ARB supplier and get whatever products we may need tht he can get his hands on.

I figure, wecan try him and if it fails..... we can just go back to our shops

He does paintwork, body, and a ton of other stuff.

It's Mark ( the guys name)

Thats his email. Mention "mud" to him and hopefully in a bit we can have another shop to go too.
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