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Mar 2, 2011
Shocks/Strut replacement tips & things needing repair

Hey guys,

I have a 98 TLC that has 140k on it, I just picked it up from my uncle who bought it new in 98. All the previous services were performed by Toyota dealers, and I have all the records for it. (Yay). The only thing I need to do to it is replace all the struts/shocks on it, and one inner CV boot which is torn.

Any tips, DIYs, or anything helpful is welcome. I just bought 4x Bilstien shocks/struts for it so I am ready to do the install. :cheers:

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Mar 2, 2011
Just bought my TLC and have some questions

My newly acquired TLC is a 98 with 140k on the clock. My uncle bought it new and is the org. owner to it. It was a bear to get him to sell it, but after having bought a 2010 TLC he knew he couldn't keep both. So he offered it to me for 6.5k which I thought was an absolute steal, and had the check in his hand within the hour!

Now a couple things I have noticed with it that I would like to fix are:

-Shocks/Struts (See previous post)
-Inner CV boot is cracked

-The alarm module seems to have been removed. There are three wires on the right fender next to the alarm siren that are just hanging there. The car came with two "valet" non-remote keys. :frown:

-When cold the car's steering feels like it has air in it because when you turn you hear the P/S pump whine and the feel though the steering wheel feels like the P/S is easy and then for a moment rough. It repeats that for about 5min or until warm up is complete. All hoses and fluid levels for the P/S are normal.

- When accelerating (mainly when cold) you hear something rattle under the car. Maybe a loose cover?

- The brakes: the pedal goes down about an inch and then become rock hard. You can push the brakes hard if needed but it requires some leg muscle (something none of my other Toyo/Lexus cars and suv's had.)

- Chasis/Suspension Lubrication... I couldn't find any Zerk fittings, how does one lubricate the suspension?

Thats all for now guys, but any and all comments are appreciated!

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Apr 27, 2003
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- search for rear shock install mod
- fronts are cake
- zillions of threads on OME, Bilstein, OEM, etc.
- same with CV boots
- could be a loose engine cover or cat shields
- check the pads and rotors
- you can lube the driveshafts, but that's about it
Feb 16, 2007
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Easiest way to do the rear shocks....

Is to drill a hole in the rear floor board...then changing the rears only takes 45 min. Do a search to find the exact drilling points. Good luck!

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