Shimmy at 50mph

Apr 12, 2002
I've been messing with a front end shimmy on my '77 FJ-40 for some time now. It has 4" SUA lift springs, JTO 2.25" anti-invert shackles, and 35" MT Radial Claws on 10" Fake beadlock rims. All bolts are tight and torqued. Tie rod ends are good. I've added a new stock stabilizer, plus an aftermarket Rancho. I have even rebuilt the center arm. I need to recheck is tire balance - my concern is that they are not dynamically in balance, due to the fake beadlock outer rim, or the ties are out of round. The shimmy starts at about 50-55mph - never gets into the "death wobble" though. Could it be as simple as dynamic balance? My dad thinks my 4 degree shims aren't enough, and the caster is off, but it drives straight and steers correctly in corners. The driver's front wheel is leaking something, and it's bearings may be a little worn. It wasn't as noticeable with the hardtop and doors on, but I run it now without. Anyone?
Jul 20, 2003
Veyo, Utah (near St.George)
The tires or the wheels or any combination thereof could be the problem. I had cheapo rims that got tweaked at Moab. I didn't know what the problem was till moved the mounted tires to differentwheel locations. One way wasw even worse,any location was bad. To prove that I put my old rusty white spokes back on,wore out BFG M/Ts and all. It rode fine after that. Bye,bye new wheel, and tires. I traded them to a guy with a Trailer Queen for some tires for my '78 Commander motor home. We were both happy. :D

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