Shackle Bolt Source/Brakeline question

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by beatdown83fj60, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Well, I ran into a nice 2'x2.5' piece of 1.8 plate steel and I plan on making my own anti-inversion lift shackles. I'm not hell-bent on having greaseable bolts because I've seen the price of them and it's almost 100 bucks everywhere I look for just the bolts. Just some good strong grade 8 hardware would be nice with the proper shoulder length and locknuts. I can't seem to find a vendor that has regular bolts, maybe I'm blind. Also I already have 2.5 inch BDS springs in the front, and 2 inch Ironman springs in the rear. The truck sits almost dead level, maybe a hair higher in the back. I have shocks made for a 2.5 inch lift front and rear and stock brakelines which I know one is leaking. I plan on getting extended brake lines to compensate for having extra lift. The plan is to make Shackles that give me about 2 inches of lift for the rear, and around 1 3/4 for the front, and I'm pulling my rear overload out of the ironmans, and adding the old one from the stock packs, as the ironman one just kills wheel travel, and makes for a bouncy ride and with a heavy load. it justs rides on the overloads making for a bouncy ride. How much longer of lines should I get? The rear is going to flex great when I'm done as i've flexed it without the overload at all and it was amazing, so I'll definitely need longer lines atleast in the rear. They get stressed as it is without additional lift. Also do you think my shocks will handle the extra 2 inches or so of lift? At this point is it beneficial to put hoops up front and ditch the stock shock mounts? I'm planning on using this combo along with a finely guided sawzall, a cheap welder, and a small body lift to fit 35's or 36's. SOA doesn't seem so important anymore for some reason. I'm happy with the rig so far, just want a little bigger to tackle a bit harder of a trail.
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