Shackle and Shackle Pin Questions

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Sep 16, 2012
North of Tulsa
Two semi-related questions:
1.) Some of the threaded mounting holes are buggered-up on the spring perches. Can I drill them slightly over size and use a nut on the inside?

2.) I am having a lot of difficulty getting new urethane bushing installed in Skyjacker springs. Even more trouble getting them to fit in the shackle. I've read somewhere about differing shackle widths. If this is correct can someone supply the dimensions?

Any other tips related to these two issues is appreciated.


I have a few stripped out and used 1/4-20 bolts with the head ground down a bit for clearance.

If all your suspension isn’t stock, getting the right bushings can be and adventure. Bushings have four dimensions.

1 Inner diameter

2 Outer diameter

3 Overall length

4 Flange thickness

I’m currently using five different bushing sizes.

SOR was the only place I found to have a good selection and gives all the dimensions.

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