Serious 13B-T Problem?

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Jan 21, 2007
Two days back while driving the top of the pump blew out. I do not know how to describe it but I will take picture. This top is held by two bolts, which is just underneath the intake manifold and on top of the fuel pump (injection pump).

Oil starting oozing out of this place. After fixing the leak by a new bolt, I noticed that I had lost a lot of oil and dipstick showed very little oil left.

Therefore, I change the remaining oil with new and new oil filter. Fire up the truck and notice white smoke... smells like unburnt diesel.

The smoke gradually reduced when engine came to operating temperature. However, the engine keeps shacking.

Even today, the engine is shacking/missing. With full throttle, I see black smoke. Engine has noticeably lost power.

I have a boost gauge installed and notice that I only get 5PSI. Therefore, I check the airfilter. Air filter is clean and even without the air filter I get 5psi. I disconnected the waste gate hose and I still get 5PSI.

I keep engine revved up by using the throttle knob. So just to see how much 'missing' there is I turn the knob to reduce the rpm just below 1000rpm. The engine shakes rigorously and starts missing.

I do not know where to start.

To reduce the smoke I am going to reduce the fuel (from boost compensator). The smoke is so much that it is very embarrassing to drive the truck.
Your inline injector pump is crankcase oil lubicated. It is possible that when this bolt came off, you lost lubrication to the pump resulting in damage to the injectionpump. Fom your description of the smoke, it sounds like a fuel injection issue. I would suggest you get it to a diesel fuel injection shop which you trust and have them take a look at it.
... but I will take picture.

We all like to see photos. - Particularly of mishaps.

But they're also of immense help to those of us who want to offer you helpful advice.

I don't see how anyone can really help you without knowing exactly what "blew off" here.

I am beginning to suspect bad turbo. I removed the waste gate hose and I am getting 5PSI. Not only that but when I full throttle, oil sprays out from the turbo crossover pipe.

It seems that the white-blue smoke that I see during startup is the oil burning and the black smoke during driving is un burnt diesel due to low boost.

I could be wrong and it can be bad fuel pump all along given that turbo used to squirt little oil from the very beginning.

The picture below; the blue marking shows the bolt that was messing and oil was coming out from this area. Ignore the red marking this is an archive since I have no access to camera now.
have you tried bleeding the fuel system, dumping out the filter, refilling it with new clean diesel and draining the water separator if you have one?

Simplest things first man.

i took my truck out just the other morning and i had what you are going through, shaking, gutless and would't go over 5 psi of boost. all i did was release the primer and booyachaka, 25 psi and s*** load of power again.
Serious problem!


I showed the vehicle to a mechanic. He removed the blow by pipe and ...

Smoke comes out from the pipe spraying oil all over the place.

per say; the low oil damaged the engine.:frown:
Sorry to hear....
Any idea or it's just one damaged cylinder?
What about the oil pressure? Normal? Otherwise the bearings could be damaged as well.
I have two options, either to rebuild the existing 13B-T or to get a 1HD-T in there.

Both are expensive with the latter too expensive.

I am going to stick with what I have for now. I reduced the fuel to the point that the vehicle just 'moves' with AC on. I still see blue and black smoke but I cannot do anything more about it.

I am taking measures so that I can prolong engine life. I am going to stick with this engine in current state for as long as I can.

I also disconnected the blow by pipe. Lots and lots of smoke comes out of it with oil dripping. So I am wondering to homebrew a catch can. Is there anything scientific about these cans?

Aside from that what else can I do to reduce smoke and pronlg the engine life?
in those 13B-T you can pull the pistons from under . ? maybe a cheap job with the engine in place, replacing rings and pistons will let you few more years ..

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