Seem to Have All Electrical Except Headlights

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Nov 5, 2006
I took my car to a friend to rebuild the front axel. When pulling the rig inside, the alarm was activated, after a few jabs @ an unfamiliar key fob, then a few attempts to unhook the correct battery of an dual bat system, the alarm was finaly silenced while rational minds could sort things out.

In the confusion something touched something, and I have no headlights ! I have a set of PIAA's switched on/off @ the dash, but then are hi/lo depending on the headlights. The best I can tell, only the PIAA's and headlights are out. I really think I got EVERYTHING else, parking, tail, brake. (Actually I don't have any back-up lights, but that is an old problem)

The headlights have the Slee harness and relays, the PIAA's have their own relays.

Fuses look fine. Any suggestions on how to go about chasing this down?
I have the Slee harness and relays, a couple of times before I turned my headlights on and had no low beam. I moved the wires around going to the relay and my headlights came on. After that I put some dielectric grease in and no problems since. Good luck.
I've blown relays on the older style Slee harness repeatedly to the lowbeams. You should try swapping the high and lowbeam relays to see if you get the lights to work.

Are you using a Slee harness with the PIAAs, too, or the harness that came with the PIAAs?
The PIAA's came with the rig, I had a local shop wire them into the headlight circut. The PO had one switch to "arm" them, then another switch to toggle back and forth between hi/lo. This was a PITA, so I had a local shop wire them into the headlight curcit.

I installed the Slee harness later.

At the moment niether hi nor low is working for both set of lights.

Not sure if the problem is in the relays. as that would require all four relays would go all at once. If that is the case, I have a bigger problem upstream.
Something in the old style Slee harness, BTDT.

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