Seat Heaters

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
Does anyone know how the wiring works for the seat heaters? I am trying to get the Scheel Mann to work off the factory harness and controls and it will energize the switch but not deliver any heat. I am going to try and bypass the controller next. Any thoughts?
I'm assuming that the OE are setup like a rheostat.... How is Scheel Mann setup to regulate temperature?
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It uses a relay with high and low.
Thinking I will simply bypass the rheostat and just make it an on/off button and see if that works.
That may be it, not sure TBH but the two may not like playing together. I was trying to find a diagram of the switch setup but no luck. Good Luck!!
I would be surprised if you could get the rheostat to work with them. However, since the new seats are off, low, high, you could put a 3 position switch in place of the rheostats.
The rheostats are controlled by a little inline box. I'm removing that box and testing. If that doesn't work I'm going to use the SM button and see if the OEM harness and relay works. If that doesn't work... I'm using the SM relay and harness and buying blanks for the rheostat buttons and putting the SM stuff in

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