Scouting mission to Choccolocco-July 24th

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Mar 22, 2008
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As it says, Chocco on July 24th. A few of us dropped by there on the way to N&M's wedding and the place looks too cool. Steep, loose rock and plenty to offer.

From what we saw you can run anything from a big-wheel to really big wheels. Camping is available and they were working on showers when we were there. It's also less than 1.5 miles from downtown Jacksonville AL so all the luxuries are easily within reach.

Choccolocco Mountain, 2056 Pelham RD S, Jacksonville, AL 36265

It's only about 1:20 from the 75/285 area, we can either camp or make it a day trip, don't care which.

From the infamous "Boat Ramp"
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So folks with 31s-33s can run it or hit some of the bypasses?
So folks with 31s-33s can run it or hit some of the bypasses?

It's a scouting trip for a few reasons and this is one of the questions we're looking at. I see a lot of buggies out there so I don't really know but from what I've heard and been told: YES, there are trails from mild to wild. How many & how long I don't know but there's only 1 way to find out.

Edit--Ignoring the redneck factor:

From "mild": stock 4-runner on 33s

to wild: no words needed

Here's trail map: you can download the .pdf version from their site
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Sounds good to me. But theres no tellin what will happen between now and then.
I might have to get the tires aired up for this one.
thats funny.
Went out there a couple years back.

'Interesting' crowd.

It was fun, but not as much fun as Morris Mtn, IMO. Some really super nasty trails. Boat ramp is for the big HP big tire crowd. Good bypass for boat ramp.

I'm interested to hear what ya'll think.
big tires, no problem, lets go.
Been there a handful o' times... Stocker rigs will have no issues getting around the park. Though, you may have to take longer bypasses and even get seperated... it's worth a scouting trip, and stock-ish rigs should go.
That said, some of even the easy trails have pucker factor going up and down.
Any objections to bumping this ride to the 24th?
already got plans on the 24th, also I have three other trucks going with us on the 17
gotta do it, members have spoken. Too many conflicting schedules and broken trucks to pull it together before the 17th.
I will let you know how it is, I am still going on the 17th if anyone wants to tag along !!!!!

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