Scored cylinder?

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Mar 31, 2008
Hey all,

what does a 'scored' cylinder mean? and how expensive is it to fix?

it's on a 13bt engine.
A cylinder that has an indent or marking on it that prevents a proper seal from occurring with the piston rings.
Well I don't remember if the 13B-T is sleeved, and I don't think it is.
So that involves taking material out of the block, to produce a surface that is to spec once again.
That could cost you 4 new pistons, rings and the labour to remove the works to get it all bored out.

Edit: Price to remove and RnR a motor could run in the 4000$. Depending on the price of parts and hours to get the motor stripped.

Have you found yourself a potential BJ71 or BJ74?
new cruiser.....

not if it's going to cost me in the neighbourhood of $4000 to fix the motor!

The search continues. I just missed on an 80 series yesterday. probably a good thing as when i told the wife about it, her response was less than enthusiastic.

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