School me on primer

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May 26, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
I'm about to start a "rolling restoration" of my 40, which needs a good bit of body work. I plan to work on it in stages, and it may be a couple of years before I actually finish and get it to a paint booth.

Can anyone recommend a good single-stage primer (sealer?) for bare metal that doesn't absorb moisture and will hold up until I'm ready to paint? In a perfect world I would use one of the epoxy primers, but that just isn't a viable option when doing spot work like I plan to.

Any advice would be welcome!

Forgot to mention that when I'm finished with the body work I will be shooting some high-build/sandable primer and topcoating with old-school enamel (probably Ace Rust Stop!).

Right now I'm just looking for a primer to protect the repaired metal that I can paint over later.
Most primers need to be covered even if they are sealing ones. That is because they don't have any UV protection in them.

I'd just prime and paint each section with rattle cans. Then when all the metal work is done, soda blast to remove all the temp paint, prep, prime and paint with the good stuff.
DP90 PPG brand. You can spray it and come back later. Only catch it that you have to roughen it up a bit with scotch pad prior to spraying dp90 on top. Once you are ready, shoot the dp then you have 7 days in which to spray color or primer on it.
I used rattle can primer on several bits, but found it was "dusty." I ended up with a can of enamel primer from NAPA (15206+15406 hardener) and really like how it went down. I scuffed with a green scotch brite pad before putting down the ACE paint. Since this was done two weekends ago I don't have any long term opinions.

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