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Oct 10, 2005
Slovenia, Europe

I've just installed a Safari Snorkel on my TD HDJ100. Now I can't figure how to modify the antenna. I've seen pictures of LCs with steering wheels on the left (and antennas on the right) with the Safari snorkel and the antenna on the original position (or at least using the original hole). On the I've found this comment about a Safari snorkel:
1998-2003 100 Series Land Cruiser
Modifications to antenna required
There is a pipe running in the place of the original position of the antenna. Am I missing something?


Apr 2, 2003
Tucson, AZ
calamaridog said:
Junk yard or did you order it? Best mod you've turned me onto yet:D
After a couple of make-shift aftermarket ant's that kept coming loose, I went shopping at new car lots. I eyeballed a antenna at a Dodge dealership and went in to Parts. He snagged me a similar antenna that also had a removable black cover. It fit great, it's really strong, and can take a beating. I'll try and scan to a JPG the receipt. to PC then open/print and you can read it.
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