Rust removal

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Nov 28, 2005
Norman, OK
I am new at this so my question may seem kinda lame but here goes. I have a bit of rust on the rear quarter panles. I wanted to trim the rear quarter panels. I assume you to this about level with the top of the rear bumper level to the wheel well. I was also wondering if you could put protection there welded to the body similiar to boston mangler's rocker sliders. And my final question of the day would be: could you trim the lip off of the rear fender and body panel including under the rear door and then just weld together were the body panels met at 90*? Hope that mess makes sense. Thanks in advance.:confused:

Brian H.
Cedar City, UT
The short answer is yes. With a MIG and some skill you can do whatever the hell you want. I'd continue to research how others have done it and get a feel for what lines would look the best. I have the same project coming up and have seen some clean looking results. Search for a pic of Exile's rear quarter job.... very very very nice work. Good luck.
I did exactly that and i am not a skilled welder by any means. I just the cut the outside panel even with the top of the bumper and the inside panel i cut a little lower to compensate for the fuel filler neck.


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