Rust Bullet? POR15?

Mike S

Aug 19, 2003
My cruiser is rust free, but I am about to tackle some body work on my old WILLYS flatfender CJ2A. It is primered gray, and has had rust problems in the past. Now I see some ruct starting to stain the primer.

I am going to replace the floors and a couple pieces on the lower body panels, and will strip off a lot of the paint down to the metal. I was thinking of pulling the tub, stripping it, and then rust coating it before I paint it.

Wondering if any of you have used Rust Bullet for this purpose... basically to rust proof the entire tub and other body parts before painting. Any issues? Results?


Mike S


Jun 24, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska

I did the entire floor in my FJ55 with RustBullet. It goes on in two coats, and is rediculously hard when cured. Like so hard that if you paint over a bolt, it will not come out. Even a grinder has a hard time going through it. If you brush it on, the finish is not terribly smooth, but good enough for an underside. I have heard of people thinning it and spraying it through a HVLP gun. I ended up Herculining over mine, so the finish wasnt terribly important. Hope this helps, Hodag.
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