Rust Bubble Repair

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Jan 22, 2006
I am considering an FJ-60 that has a rust bubble below the front windshield. You could flake out the paint with your fingernail. So here are two questions ....

1) Without cleaning it out to bare metal (it isn't mine yet), do you think that means it is rusted through from the other side?

2) Can it be cleaned out and stopped?

Thanks for your advice.

i had 2 small bubbles under one corner of the windshield. i took it to a shop and had them check it out and repair it. there was rust around most of the windshield and i was lucky i caught it early. they ground it down and fixed the problem. it was expensive even though it was small.

even the smallest sign of rust around the windshield spells trouble.
rust bubbles are like only see the tip on the problem.
Just buy it if its a good deal. Rust is your friend, as you will soon learn. :bounce:
You can even use it as a bargaining tool, but rusty will soon be your new best friend
I had an area in front of the windshield where the paint had some bubbles. Not too bad, I thought. When the windshield and seal were removed for painting, the pinch weld under the seal was completely rusted. This section between the wiper blades was cut out and new metal welded in.($$$) Hammer1 is right that rust bubbles are like icebergs.

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