RS3000 Remote Control programming - interesting experience

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Nov 27, 2006
Northern VA
Ok, so when I picked up my '97 LC there was one remote control and the little peg that retains the chain was broken off. Bummer, but I figure I'll just find a replacement in short order. :rolleyes:

A year later of making sure I don't loose the remote fob (untethered), one day it goes through the washing machine. :censor: After checking it, as sure as day it's dead. Didn't bother checking the battery since I assumed the board was fried.

Fast forward 4 months of using the key to lock/unlock the LC and I finally lose my patience and order a "new" remote control fob from a dealer on the internet. It sits for a few more weeks until I finally have a beer and RTFM the RS3000 install guide.

Thanks to a few posts, I locate the Main ECU and attempt to program the new remote (has new battery and LED does light up when top or bottom buttons are pressed). ....... Nothing, not even a whimper from the alarm's piezo which sometimes sounds like Brenda Vaccaro's voice after a gin bender and a few cartons of Pall Malls.

So I go back inside to my desk, crack another :beer: and RTFM... again. Confirming I've nailed all the steps and variants suggested on some posts, I take a crack at my original remote fob (dubbed "Nemo"). I just pop off the backs of the two fob's, put the one from the new unit with a new battery on the old fob with questionably looking circuit board (has white film in places that I wiped off) and away I go to the truck. Hit the ECU to program, press the fob's button .... lo and behold I've got a symphony of flashing lights and raspy chirps. No f'ing way, I say.

So I go back to the "new" replacement fob, but it's battery cover back on it and have zero success on multiple attempts to elicit a response from the alarm system. I even went so far as to wipe the ECU's memory of all known programmed fobs and tried again....nada. Switched the battery cover back over to Nemo and on the first try to program it...I get the sweet chirps and lights a-flashin'.

So, moral of the story for me is...... a) next time I send a keychain fob through the washing machine, first try replacing the battery (this'll be interesting to happen since now keys are tethered to the fob; and b) I paid enough money for a second fob in order to get a uncompromised shell to put Nemo's guts in it so that I can finally tether it to my keys.

Just felt like getting that off my chest. Hope the narrative helps someone down the line, or at least was entertaining if enough :beer::beer::beer: had been consumed.

There are several fobs which look like they're the right ones...but don't work.

Additionally, if you run something through the wash, pop off as many covers as you can, pop out the battery, gently dry off any exposed water, then stuff it in a bowl of rice (dry, not cooked :rolleyes: ) and let it sit overnight.

If you do it fast enough there won't be time for it to corrode. The rice will help speed up the absorbtion of any water, making it dry out quicker.

The key part is getting the battery out, as long as there's no electric charge through the device, corrosion won't build up.

I've used this for cell phones before, it greatly increases your chances of the device surviving.

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