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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
O.k. GUYS /GALS it's my turn . this is where it all started for me as a toddler, father had a 1965 FJ40
.already modded with a 283 v8 and 3spd on the floor. which he sold a few years later, as i grew up i really missed it

1 65 cruiser large.jpg
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i new i would have one again one day . So when i turned 19 i bought a 1977 FJ40 for $3200 bucks ,with a fiberglass
one piece front end ,header and holly 350 . which i promptly rolled 8 months later righting it off .i fell asleep
rolled it on the highway at about 65-70 MPH and walked away, good thing for the full cage .which in turn
led me through a few more cruisers .until i am where i am today .a mix and match of pieces
from all my cruisers over the years. here we go. starting with the before .

2 (Medium).jpg
3 (Medium).jpg
4 (Medium).jpg
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ripped it all apart when it was blue
put it back together and painted it burgundy

here is the rebuild .put it all back together .1978 .chassis and V.I.N.,1975 body ,67 bib,75 hood ,78 fenders (new oem),
73 split tail gate, front and rear lunchbox lockers ,4.11, 350 chev mated to sm465 ,to 3spd t-case,4 wheel disc brakes.
saginaw steering.SOA,C&T ,3 inch bodylift,warn 8274 ,ultimate air co2, 38.5x14.5 tls sx swampers ,flipped front springs ,
with spring perch drilled to move it back a inch or so ,rear stock with spring perch drilled to move axle back a inch or so
.up next on the to do list is to purchase a metaltech jackson cage put in the rear jump seats ,put in the chromo birfs,
order luke's high steer . put on the aisin hubs and have my oem steelies widened.Oh ya sorry for the checker plate.
a little bit to much beer and the little lady talking me into putting it back on.

5 (Medium).JPG
7 (Medium).JPG
6 (Medium).JPG
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forgot to mention ,the checkerplate is coated with undercoating on the back side
.one day i will pull it off and the body lift to lower the rig . a few pics at cruiser days
rig doesn't see the dirt much any more because i can't haul all the kids and i don't leave home without them .
here's some pics from the last trip out for me (coastal cruiser's cruiser days).

28 (Medium).jpg
29 (Medium).jpg
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