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Sep 13, 2006
Parker, CO

Hi, my name in Cory and I’m a Cruiser-holic. My addiction started in August 2006. I was in need of something bigger than my car and I missed my ZR2 Blazer that I sold a few years prior. I started to look for a Land Cruiser because I always loved the way the 80 series looked. I didn’t know anything about Toyotas expect that the 80 was the last year for the solid front axle. After driving a few local trucks I finally stumbled across a 97, 40th anniversary with 87000 miles. The price was right after some negotiating and I as soon as I drove her off the lot my addition began.

On to the fun stuff. Only weeks after the purchase I came across IH8MUD. I learned that an exclusive Cruiser shop resided just on the other side of town by the name of Slee Off Road. My first purchase came in the form of an ARB front bumper and Slee’s tube sliders.

Then after more research, I realized I made a bit of a mistake and got a truck with out lockers. With some help of Oleg at Irbis Off Road I now have factory locking axles.

Here is the rest of the upgrades as best as I can remember:
OME 850J+1/863 with shocks and stabilizer
Home brew ¼ inch thick rear bumper
Outback full length roof rack
OEM hand throttle
CDL button and 7 pin mod
HID headlights
Dual battery (Slee washer bottle bracket, OEM 2nd tray from cruiserdan) w/ odyssey battery
Homemade rear cargo (Charleston’s design)
Waeco DC-35 fridge
1500 watt inverter and 2 DC plugs routed to the cargo area.
285/75’s for street and mild trails
315/75’s BFG KM2’s for everything else
Homemade CO2 bottle and regulator
Eclipse Head unit and speakers
Scangauge 2
Radio Shack CB in place of ash try
ARB front with M8000 and 2 Hella 500’s
Slee skid plate
Slee relay link and tie rod
Reinforced rear control arms

Most baseline stuff was done with a big thanks to Dan for his help and parts. Cooling was a big nightmare but it’s running cool now. I’m always weary of the head gasket so I may PM it with in the next year.

I’m really getting into more camping and expo stuff to I’d like to get a roof top tent on the near future and some 4:88’s to make driving with the 315’s more tolerable.

Here are some pics on my progression over the years.




















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Nice :D. One of my fav. colors and excellent build. Wish i had have met mud before buying my rack, Yours is pretty much what I know want now. :cheers:
Thanks for the kind comments, and thanks to everyone here and the forum itself. I've really learned a lot here and meet some cool people.

Here's some videos to jazz up the thread a little.

Do you want to sell the Passenger Front Fender Flair? I saw you removed them.

I have a 97 40th and need that one to replace.

I live in Castle Rock area.


way to use the sliders in the 1st video clip, (note to self, put on sliders before wheelin in CO) and a question, what are you 7' tall? I seen your arm hangin out and was waiting for you to stick both arms out each window, grab a slider, and Fred Flintstone it out of there!!:) Good looking work on your truck, where in CO are the videos taken at?
yeah, where you at in the vids? one looks like carnage/left-hand, and a couple others look like moody/crystal area. of course, i am prolly way off as there are a lot of areas that look like that in colo! cool rig and great write up!
Haha, well I'm not 7' but I do have gorilla arms.

I think the videos are Carnage, China Wall, and Slaughter house. I don't recall the rest.
Awesome guy and awesome rig. I have seen Cory's rig up-close, in person, and sorry to tell you folks, the pictures do not do it justice. This thing is phenomenally clean. Congrats sir on a well built rig.
WOW! Looks great:thumbup:
So you say Expedition is more your future route what else do you plan on adding besides the RTT?

And where do you plan on taking this thing since you live in the ROCKIES? Isn't it hard to find trails without big A$$ Rocks??

Well, I'm trying to build up my camping gear so I can start staying away from home for longer. I'd also like to get more GPS tracking goodies. Right now I have an old hand held and a Topo map book, and to be honest, I get a little turned around from time to time.

CO is great because as much as I like the harder trails, there are a ton of easy dirt road trails that are extremely scenic and more fun for the family.

I have 2 little ones and 2 dogs so this is the only vehicle that can carry all of us and the gear. I can't wait for the kids to get a little older so we can take some scenic road trips.
Killer rig! I think I've seen you around town a few times lately. I'm driving the Black 100 series with a few mods.
Very cool all around! Excellent photos and videos! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Nice rig and great write-up! What kind of dog is that?

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