Rotating noise on a new 3" lift (1 Viewer)

Sep 3, 2019
Hi there fellas,

One more diagnose question....

I installed a 3" lift kit on the LX450 some days ago but haven't fully adjusted the suspension geometry yet. So far, I have new spring coils, shocks, extended sway bar links and sway bar drops installed. On the first 2 days driving the truck, it was like driving a new and silent vehicle. Great upgrade.

However, after a week without driving it I went for a drive again and this noise that sounded like metal rotating and rubbing another metal part shows up like 2 "clings" per second, the rotation is not that quick which makes me rule out tire problems. The noise comes and goes intermitently. Well, when I turn to the left the rotating metal rub noise gets more pronounced and repeated (maybe panhard bars?).

Now I'm thinking....caster correction and a new cv drive shaft is probably needed. Before diving into those, does anyone here had experienced this type of situation or have an idea of what could be the cause for this noise?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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