Road helmet with visor?

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
I'm looking for a road helmet that has a decent visor for sun protection. Let me know if you know of one. Currently, I wear a cap under the helmet but it does get a tad warm!

Seems like MTB'ers have a nice visor with their helmets from what I can tell.

Roadies dont use visors as this causes unnecessary wind drag :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I use one helmet for both Road and MTB.
Having the visor on a road ride is a must...
I think only a roadie would know the difference....
I have a helmut with a visor--I guess it is a mountain-bike helmut, but I can't really tell the difference. I have recently switched to wearing a cap and leaving the removable visor at home when on the road bike. The visor limits my field of vision, especially when on the drops and going down hill. The cap allows me to flip the visor up when I need to see what's in front of me.

There are some "road" helmuts with visors, but I have not used any of them.
Rule #35 // No visors on the road.
Road helmets can be worn on mountain bikes, but never the other way around. If you want shade, see Rule #22.

Rule #22 // Cycling caps are for cycling.
Cycling caps can be worn under helmets, but never when not riding, no matter how hip you think you look. This will render one a douche, and should result in public berating or beating. The only time it is acceptable to wear a cycling cap is while directly engaged in cycling activities and while clad in cycling kit. This includes activities taking place prior to and immediately after the ride such as machine tuning and tire pumping. Also included are cafe appearances for pre-ride espressi and post-ride pub appearances for body-refueling ales (provided said pub has sunny, outdoor patio – do not stray inside a pub wearing kit or risk being ceremoniously beaten by leather-clad biker chicks). Under these conditions, having your cap skull-side tipped jauntily at a rakish angle is, one might say, de rigueur. All good things must be taken in measure, however, and as such it is critical that we let sanity and good taste prevail: as long as the first sip of the relevant caffeine or hop-based beverage is taken whilst beads of sweat, snow, or rain are still evident on one’s brow then it is legitimate for the cap to be worn. However, once all that remains in the cranial furrows is salt, it is then time to shower, throw on some suitable après-ride attire (a woollen Molteni Arcore training top circa ’73 comes to mind) and return to the bar, folded copy of pastel-coloured news publication in hand, ready for formal fluid replacement. It is also helpful if you are a Giant of the Road, as demonstrated here, rather than a giant douchebag. 5
Im a roadie and mtn. bike rider and dont use visors on either of my lids. A visor is usless in the wood because you have tree cover and for some reason the air flow around the helmet keeps the black flys/bugs right under the visor portion and in your face while climbing or riding at a med chill pace. NO VISORS on the road, as little as the aerodynamics may be on top, the visor does cause some drag and you can feel it on your neck and head being pushed around (road ride A+ pace being 19-21 mph pace for 75-100 miles, you feel it) Just use some sun block and a good quality light weight sunglass.
^^This . . . but honestly, who really needs a visor on or offroad?
I wear a cap under my helmet on both road, MTB and cyclocross. I have a few caps from my CX team left over. If anyone is interested, drop me a PM!
this is an old thread but just saw it :/

A good road w/ visor is the Giro Reverb. It's got the cycling cap look but good venting.

More mtb style is the Fox Flux, Giro Feature and the Scattante Scala (performancebike brand- good quality helmet)

I don't recommend Bern because they are too poorly vented.

I love having a visor on the mtb, but on the road I use a cycling cap.
Giro and other road helmets come with, or have a visor option that works fine.
Good to know, thanks.
^^This . . . but honestly, who really needs a visor on or offroad?

As a cyclist who wears glasses a helmet with a visor is needed to keep the glare down. I have prescription sun glasses but they don't keep the sun from coming over the top of the lenses. Visor does a great job with that...


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