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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
I had compiled these parts from Australia, and they didn't arrive prior to my parting with my Troopy, so they're now up for sale for what I paid for 'em to get here to the US, plus shipping from 86004 (Flagstaff, AZ; figure 75 lbs.).

1 power steering box from a 1985 Surf, solid front axle. The truck had done 386,000 kms, but it was the nicest-looking box they had. It has about1.5 threads sticking out of the adjusting nut. If you are re-building it, then it does not matter. Includes intermediate shaft.

1 power steering pump to fit the right hand side of the 2F engine, along with the bracket, high and low pressure hoses. The high pressure hose is cracked, but you will have to have one re-made anyway to suit the new length. This way you will have the fittings for both ends.

1 2F main pulley with three grooves (to suit a rig with air con, power steering and alternator- just in case you ever get soft and install air con).

$820.00 plus shipping.

(It ain't cheap...but you can't likely get 'em to your door for less....)

I can do paypal, MO or Certified Check...or even a personal check if you'd prefer.

Would consider a partial trade for a 70 series OEM Toyota snorkel, or a Garmin 276C GPS.


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