return line?

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Nov 19, 2007
cranbrook , bc canada
do all electric fuel pumps need a return line? i bought my cruiser 16 yrs ago with a electric pump already from the po with no return line, i've added a pressure regulator. runs good never seemed to have any issues, just that it gets kind of a gassy smell after she's been running for a while. wondering if i might need a return line or if it will do anything for me....thanx:beer:
if its the stock carb the return line is on the carb and goes to the tank .you didnt say what carb you have it may not need a return line .pics would help.
i've got a small block v-8 with a quadra jet 4 barrel, not smart enuff yet:mad: to post pics from my cam but i'll work on it....:beer:

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