replace rear passenger window help

Jun 23, 2005
BJ60 (84 wagon) - broken into, replacing the vent window (?) - not the roll down window the smaller one beside it.

Figure I'd do it myself - anyone got advice on how to do it? Thanks.
Jul 15, 2005
Colorado Springs, Co
Hey, I think on those you need to remove the widow glass (a couple of bolts) then there should be a few bolts for the frame and remove the molding might have to pull some but once the frame is loose it should come out. let me know how it turns out..ben
Jun 23, 2005
It took me a couple hours to figure it out... so here's for someone else if they want to save a few bucks/few hours.

Rear passenger door glass replacement (the roll-down, or the panel window as you have to remove both to replace either one)

1. Make sure you remember which way the gasket goes in (it's possible to do it backwards on the panel window and not notice until you are "done").

2. Unscrew the metal bar between the two panes:
- top of door, under the rubber molding is one screw
- two others require the inside door panel to be removed

3. Slide it all the way out, pulling out the molding for the roll down window

4. Remove the roll-down from the handle mechanism but do not take it out, drop it to the bottom of the inside of the door (or if replacing a new one, drop it to the bottom inside of door)

5. place the panel window inside the gasket and insert into place - a little WD40 on the edges will help push it into place (little force is required)

6. The tricky part - guide the center frame loosely into place - do not screw it back in place yet or put the molding back in the track.

7. Remount the roll up window and roll it up and position the frame properly. Once this is done, screw the bottom bolt only into place to hold the frame upright. Do not replace the molding/gasket in the track... yet...

8. Roll-down the window, put the gasket/molding back in place (a little tricky - it will go) and roll up the window

9. Screw in the remaining bolt and top screw on the middle frame.

10. Use something not too sharp to push the gaskets all in place properly

11. Remount the door assembly (a little tricky on the top edge, where it meets the bottom of the window gaskets - see 10)

12. Plug in AC DC's Back in Black, zip down to the corner liquor store and buy a six-pack of Lucky - you just saved some bucks so why not splurge?

Hope this can help someone else out - as I looked on line for three hours and found nothing. I've been broken into four times so finally I get a little dignity back.
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