Repainting same color..need to strip?

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Aug 9, 2007
Reading, MA
I am planning on repainting my truck the same color as it currently is. There is a second coat over the original coat that is chipped and flaking in spots and it's a shade off from the original. I have painted a set of half doors Freeborn red with spray cans from Tower. They came out great, but they don't match the rest of the truck. Last year I stripped and repainted the bib and it doesn't match. So, do I need to strip of the top coat or can I just sand it and paint? Also, I assume I need to prime first?
If the second coat is flaking off alot I would definitely strip it. It would take you almost as long to DA the entire truck if the flaking is bad. Flaking usually means that the proper prep work wasn't done on the last repaint and will come back to haunt you even if you feather out all of the flaking areas. Has there been any major bodywork done to it? This can also complicate things because the stripper will eat the body filler and you'll have to grind it off and start from scratch again. Buy a gallon of Aircraft stripper a gallon of lacquer thinner some heavy duty steel wool and go to town. Tape everything up you don't want the stripper to contact. IT WILL EAT UP gaskets, rubber, felt etc. etc. I usually leave a half inch overlap between gaskets,felt etc. and the paint. Double it up as well. Then just go over it with 80 grit after stipping it. You will probably have to go over the areas a couple of times since there is more than one coat. The steel wool and lacquer thinner work well in getting all the stubborn places the paint doesn't want to come off. The thinner also works well in neutralizing the stripper. I would then DA the entire truck with 80 grit paper and rewash it with thinner and grease and wax remover before priming it with an epoxy type primer. Hope this helps some.

Oh yeah, I'm still planning on buying your jump seats if you still have them.
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I took a much closer look last night and the paint is not actually flaking off of the body. It is flaking off of screw heads and nuts and hinges.
If you really want to strip it you could soda blast it. Doens't hurt gasket or glass.
Alex, I was in a similar situation with my rig and went the stripping route. It is very time consuming and boring. With that said I still think I went the right direction so that the end result will be solid. You can see some of the progress I have made in my other thread. I found the Mar Hyde aircraft stripper in a rattle can very effective at removing paint quickly. I thin hit the parts with the preasure washer to remove all the bubbled up crud. Thanks again for the bib.
I have to say the aircraft stripper works really well. A guy at the paint shop recommended to put the stripper on and then let it dry over night and then pressure wash it off. Have to say it worked really well and very easy. Had I done the process twice it would have taken it all 4 layers of paint off. I went from this


to this with about 16 hrs of work.


I ended up using less than a gallon of stripper for everything.

Sure beated the heck out of sanding and wire wheeling the paint off.

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