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Removing T-Case -HELP

Discussion in 'FJ45 Owners Club' started by 45Kevin, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. 45Kevin


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    May 10, 2005
    Calgary, Alberta
    So my bearing(s) are screaming like an eagle on the last wheeling trip and I figure it is in the t-case or the output end of the tranny because the pitch of the scream does not change when I change gears. It is the same whether in 2 or 4wd. I want to start with the t-case because I think that is the easiest piece to get to. Well I have the inspection covers off and the linkage and drive shafts off and the t-case won't slip off the end of the tranny output shaft without hitting the tranny tunnel. I have spent most of the evening pulling of the seats, gas tank, floor mats and a couple of stripped bolts in the tunnel cover and triumphantly go to slide the t-case that last inch off the output shaft and the freaking thing hits the floor at the end of the tunnel opening. How the hell do I get the t-case off my truck. 78 fj45 non-split case, 4 spd
  2. zebrabeefj40


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    Feb 19, 2004
    Pepperell MA
    Put a floor jack under the oil pan of the motor. Take loose the rear motor mounts from the bell housing. Lower motor/trans/t-case until the case clears the floor. Reverse process to install. Just be REAL careful around that motor/jack combo. Yer head isn't gonna like it if you drop the motor on it! You might loop a chain, come-along or heavy duty ratchet strap around both framerails and under the motor to catch the motor if things get outa hand.

    Nick Jennings