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removing 25 year old rusted spring pins


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Mar 3, 2006
Everett, WA
I worked on a clients FJ60 today from New Jersey. It's rusty as hell, and every nut and bolt is seized together :mad:

Some of us have been through this before, and they get seized really good to the bushings which makes them impossible to pound out by the BFH

I welded a stud to the outside of the pin, tacked angle iron to the top of the spring perch, and used a nut to pull the sucker out. It was wound WAY up, probably 1000 lbs before it gave way and started coming out.

Here are some pics for your future removal process :hillbilly:
1005 012.jpg
1005 013.jpg
1005 014.jpg


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Jul 23, 2006
Chicagoland, IL
I just cutem and replace em.... and our south Texas trucks aint anywere near that rusty

Yeah whats rust :D

We had to use threaded rod when I was helping my brother install solid subframe bushings on his 240sx. It bent 1/4" angle iron while tightening, so we used one of my Landcruiser's old shackles :hillbilly:
May 31, 2008
the NJ word..
Well here's the thing. My 87 is in really good shape body wise still to this day. But when I put my OME suspension on back in the 90's my spring pins were literally symbiotic with the bushings. They actually became "bushins".:hillbilly:

It took major flame to just plane melt away the rubber to remove them.
Oct 29, 2008
In the valley of the Great Salt Lake.
I took the nuts off of mine and tapped them with the hammer and out they came. Funny thing is, I was mentally prepared for a major battle that didn't materialize. I couldn't believe it. So, not all of them are this difficult. I count myself fortunate and empathize with you guys that have the rust-fused ones. I am continually amazed by how rust free my rig really is. The Toyota part numbers on the springs I removed are still visible on all the springs but one. Just one more reason to shop for a rust free rig if you are in the market. It's worth paying a premium for.

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