Reliability of remote start system? (1 Viewer)

Oct 23, 2019
Western Australia
I'm glad it's out after seeing how poorly it was installed. That thing was just waiting to fail. Even if it does fail now because of hack job taps I can logically track down issues with an EWD. Legend 4x4 made good solders and heat shrunk everything he could.

Anyway, removed the tap from the tow wiring that was running the car tail lights after the remote start was taken out and NO MORE WARNING LIGHT.... however, no more tail lights either (haha). At this point I figured it was pretty simple volt chasing so I did the work myself.

Good power out of the fuse box to the first junction (Ia1: lowest junction box and closest to the engine bay that is attached to the body ECU at left kick panel). Pin #10 is the tail lights for the car and #1 runs the tail lights for the trailer connector (I could have that backwards! Trailer is the larger one, ~16g). No power out of that junction for the tail lights but trailer power for tail lights was good. Spliced a direct hot wire to the male connection (downstream) Ia1 pin 10 and everything worked great. So the female connector was not making contact with the male pin.

For the life of me could not get the female pin out (released the top gate and tried to push down and up forever to release the tab with a pin release tool and got nowhere). Eventually gave a ~5° turn to the male pin and some dielectric grease now everything is working. Might try to take it back to Legend and see if he can release that pin and if he would have a replacement pin just to know it is done correctly.

This saga was too long my friends.
yeah usually is , sounds like you had a little bit of help. Worth it in the end I think, probably the only thing from stopping a fully functioning unit (whatever it was ? remote starter). These cars are definitely old hey , but pretty happy , it looks like most stuff once fixed is 100% good again. I might even solder more stuff I've wiretapped somewhere down the road. Especially areas that are problematic

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