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Jun 28, 2011
Lincoln, CA
After re-gearing, Adding air lockers, and having a rear bumper and sliders built for our Cruiser, we decided to test it out. We decided to go to the Eagle Lakes OHV trail, because it would be my first time doing real trail driving, and my dad's first time offroading with a 60 series Landcruiser. After a wrong turn, we found our selves on the Fordyce trail. we didn't realize it until just about 1/3 of the way into the trail. We got stuck, pulled it out with our new winch, and turned around. on the way down we passed by a couple of guys with some crawlers, and asked them what trail it was. Fordyce. If our truck was a beater, we could have gone farther, but this truck is too straight to ding up. we got some nice videos taken, and did some awesome stuff to test out our truck. it crawled over everything with out any problems, until we got into Fordyce :p
I will have some pictures and videos up soon.
Ah, beat it up now, before you start to care for her ....


Besides, that's what body shops are 4 ....
Well, for some reason the videos didn't download properly. But I will get to work on that. Here are a few pics



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Wow that is a new addition to my top 10. Nice job guys.
That rear bumper... where did you get it... I will shell out whatever it takes to have one. ... when I have more money to spend that is.... :D

There's not enough silver 60's around for me to get a good idea of what they look like all armored up, but your rig makes up for that! I envy your setup,... and will one day copy it. :p
yep. canadians livin in cali. haha. its a 4'' lift with 35 toyo m/ts. rear bumper was made by a family friend. the videos didnt turn out, but next trip we will take some. Thanks for all the comments!
Brought this thread back. Keep it tech. Nice rig!
we are wanting to do another mini resto on it soon. interior needs some more love.
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