Rear Swing out bar Gas Strut???

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Dec 19, 2017
Queensland, Australia
Hi All, ive searched to no avail ? Has anyone put a gas strut onto thier rear swing out tyre carrier ?
I cant find anything ?
Does anyone have suggestions besides a locking pin idea ?
Look forward to any help. Everytime I open it, it swings out and hits the rear quarter
Have one on my Labs rear bumper, the arm won't swing beyond 90 degrees.

They have gas struts on the Labs website for the application you speak of. HTH.

Gas Springs for swing arms

*Edited to confirm I am blind and don't pay attention to the little details. Disclaimer: Only had it a year, didn't install the bumper & the sun was in my eyes!
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Look at McMaster Carr and find mounts and cylinders rated for the loads. Look up gas cylinders.
Take measurements for a location when open and again for the same spot when closed.

I added one the my homemade bumper. Used an 80 series liftgate strut. This pic is on my old cruiser. it's now on my current one.

Nice idea! Commonality of parts too!
I'll look tomorrow, but my Hanna bumper has a easy 110* of swing, seems it's all under the arm mount & will push the arms open unassisted if they are empty - barely a nudge to open with the spare on, or misc cargo in the Jerrycan basket.
Thanks guys, box rocket that's exactly what i want. Can you share with me how you fitted it dimensions etc. Much appreciated
regardless of which gas strut you use, just take a couple measurements to find where the ends need to attach. One measurement (mark the ends locations) with the swingout open and the strut fully extended. Then just make sure that when the swing out is closed that those marks you made is not a smaller distance than the length of the strut body. That way it should fit fine when the strut is compressed.

The strut I used had threaded stud ends, so I just tapped the bumper and the swing arm and screwed in the ends.

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