Rear Quarter Panel Chop Has Begun

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Dec 1, 2004
Calhoun, Ga.
More to come :beer:.

Drivers Side.jpg

Passenger Side.jpg
It's just sheetmetal. Ask me how i know.

Holla if you need help!
so what's the plan?

Plan is to clos'm up with some sheet metal. Build some sliders with some
tubes to protect the rear qrtr's and tail lights. Sliders will be fab'd from 6" sch.40 pipe cut in half lengthwise capped with 1/4" plate should be plenty stout. 1 1/2"
sch.40 legs weld to the frame, 1 1/2 tube bent for qrtr. panel protection I got it all in my head. More pics to come.
What about bobbing it in a little?
Land Speeder said:
Serves no purpose.
Now... DOVING it... YES!

By a little, I mean to the rear tires and YES that would serve a purpose :)

Tack, tack, tack....... what a pain in the ass, and slider body.



nice work!

What ever happened to the filet o' douche that owned this 60? Think he got into BMW's or something...
Making Progress I work on it when I can and slowly at that. Finished welds, grinding, flap disk Slider Bodies. Shade Tree body work. Next step will be a little body filler on the quarter panels, little sanding and prepping for bed-liner on the lower contour of the truck.:beer:

SB Finished-1.jpg

Body Damage Before.jpg

Body Damage After.jpg
Can you please get tranny fluid all in your hair while you do this though???
Potential line for bed liner. Any recommendations on which brand to use?


BGarcia88FJ62 said:
Any recommendations on which brand to use?

I used Herculiner on mine and it worked fine on the sides. It will fade over time if its in a lot of sunlight every day. It was pretty cheap compared to a lot of other options
The bed armor will not fade in the sun.
Kinda pricey but I'm leaning towards "Monstaliner" I like the finish and how the texture looks.
You only live once. Spend the extra money.
"Monstalined" Sliders and quarter panel protection (in paint)



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