Rear Parking Sensors

Mar 27, 2003

This was the first job I did on my new truck. The sensor I bought was made in Canada by Quanan. It's a very easy job to fit- just connect the live wire into the reversing light. Mine has a visual display which counts down from 3 metres to 20 cms. It also has tha audio 'bleep'. It's a great modification and certainly takes the guess work out of parking. How many times have you reversed up to something, got out of the car and found you're 6ft fro where you ought to be? The only negatve is that the sensors need to be kept clean - otherwise they think you're about to reverse into something and the 'bleeper' goes mental. It only needs a wipe with your thumb but wet roads throw up enough dirt to throw the sensor out - winter may be a bit frustrating..

Cheers, Jim

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