Rear crossmember

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Jul 4, 2003
Central coast,Ca.
I am restoring my 78`40.I have my sbc,SM465 and a plate(.75 thick)adapter to a 72 3 speed case.I have bought the AA rear transfer case mount setup.Will I have to remove my stock rear tubular crossmember?Also how will my driveshafts hook up?The reason I am asking is that I have the cruiser down to the bare frame-and I am trying to do all the demo/welding before I put it back together.I figure that the only thing that I cant weld on is the rear crossmember mounts,because I dont know my length yet.Thanks for any input!!!!!
Depending on where you end up placing the engine, will dictate the removal of the tubular rear crossmember. I am installing a 350/th350/Cruiser t-case in a '64. I am setting the tub on, and setting up the drivetrain. Will take a little more time, but will end up being very clean. If you are not in a hurry, I think that this is the way to go, but that also depends on space, facility, and availability of helpers...

Just my two cents.

Setting a tub on, and bolting it up is not that big of a deal, and then you WOULD KNOW where everything is going to be in relationship to YOUR project.

Good luck!

Got any pics?
My cruiser was all stock.I have allready installed a shackle reversal and a saginal power steering box mount.I have(but not installed)AA motor mounts.
In our stables we have both a 74 and a 78 with SBC and both still have the stock tubular crossmember. I have the AA motor mounts welded in 10 inches behind the shock mount. I would recommend bolting your whole drivetrain together and doing a "mock-up" in the frame. There are so many variables that even AA won't give much info as far as measurements go.
Hammerhead-you are right,AAdoes not help much.They say set the centerline of the motor mounts 8 -12 inches from the shock tower.So all I can safely weld for now is my frame plates that go under the "L" mounts.I think I am going to do my SOA first,so I can set the body back on(temp)then I can position the motor where I like it.But I bet the mounts will be 10 inches centered from the shock tower(seems like the average.Does anybody know about how to modify my drivelines easily from 72 tc to 78 axles?
Mine is crossbred too. I just used the apropriate upper half. The slip joints are the same spline so use the 72 part.
I have the 5" AA spud shaft adaptor so my drive train is longer than yours. Stock crossmember still in place.

Also, I welded the motor mounts and backing plates in with just the radiator out and the front bib folded down. Fenders on. If I were you I'd leave the crossmember alone and wait until you have the body together before doing anything with motor mounts.

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