really stuck rusted in window hinge

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
What do you all use to free up these stuck bolts and screws. Please advise. impact screw driver does not work.
Spray some Inox or equivalent on it, leave an hour and try again. If it doesn't help, try putting the vice-grips on it and if that doesn't work, drill it out and replace it.
PB blaster works well, but let it soak. You should be able to spray the back side of the windshield bolts from inside the cab. I have best results if I spray it a little every day or so for a week, but you will end up having to drill some out no matter what.
Soak them in Kroil (from Kano Labs) front and back, then heat with a torch. Use the correctly sized screw driver, preferably one with a hex shank and a box end wrench for leverage.

If you end up drilling, be sure to center the bit. You don't want to booger up the taper on the hinge plate holes.

Good luck!
As Mark often says.. "Smoke wrench".
heating them has never failed me
I recommend the impact screwdriver with Kroil then if that fails my next go to is the air chisel attachment to loosen stuck bolts and screws. I have an attachment for bolts and screws. You use your air chisel and the attachment. The impacts from the air chisel helps fully seat the screwdriver bit into the screw and helps break loose the rust so you can turn your screw or bolt out.

I have had hit and miss results with the impact screwdriver because usually once the screw is rusted to the point that it is stuck the head is starting to get rusted and degrade also. If you don't have the appropriate sized screwdriver bit you will ruin the head and have to drill it out. With the repeated and constant blows from the air chisel it helps keep the screwdriver bit fully engaged with the screw head so you have less chance of messing up the head as long as you go slow and don't put too much torque on the head.

Go slow and let the impacts vibrate the rust loose. Once you start to get some rotation stay slow and reverse direction often just like you are using a tap to thread a hole. This keeps your threads in good shape because the rust isn't building up as you back out the fastener and destroying your threads. Heat and penetrating oil are your friends during this process.

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