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May 14, 2003
I believe there’s a broken wire and an empty terminal where a wire once was. I was trying to locate this connector in the EWD but a few things are not adding up.
I think the connector he was working with was BO1.

According to the 1996 EWD it should have five wires.
Dec 10, 2007
@dsagona : so you disconnected the hard lines on both sides of the filter, checked for obstructions and reconnected the lines? Find anything that would explain the no-start issue?
Dec 9, 2020
portland, oregon
Tonight is not my night. I just typed up a long paragraph thanking everyone and explaining why I was in such a bind (basically, I was at the shop that I rent from someone to work on my projects, and it is 30 mins from my house (and Lyft/Uber don't service out there), so I was in quite the bind). Anyway, I disconnected the fuel pump connecter (which seems to be BO1 in the EWD). I did this per the FSM to relieve pressure in the line. I then went to turn on the engine to let it stall on its own per the FSM. However, the engine wouldn't start (same symptoms that I had when I tried to start it after I was finished). I thought it was odd that it wouldn't start, but did not think too much of it. I then disconnected the battery and removed it along with the battery tray for more room/visibility. I removed the oil filter and driver's side wheel for the same reasons. I was able to get the old fuel filter off the vehicle and the replacement on, along with new washers, pretty easily. I put everything back together, and reconnected the fuel pump connecter, but the engine wouldn't start. I tried a number of things (e.g, turning the ignition to on multiple times to build pressure in the system (although this shouldn't have been necessary)), but nothing worked. I finally decided to undo everything I did, and start from the beginning. I had a really difficult time disconnecting the fuel pump connector again for some reason, but finally got it. I then disconnected the battery, removed the oil filter, etc., exactly has I had done before. One thing to note here is that the banjo bolts were completely dry. I then put everything back together, reconnected the fuel pump connecter, and went to start the car. It hesitated for a second (I'm assuming because it was filling the fuel lines), but then started right up. I believe it was the fuel pump connector (BO1 in the EWD), but I also noticed a loose connection on the fusbile link. I think it had something to do with the fuel pump connector, but I am not sure. I hope this helps someone at some point.

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