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Apr 15, 2003
Cary NC
My son is about to turn 10 and I was thinking about getting him a RC crawler kit to build.

Anyone have a kit or vendor to recommend?

I want to buy a kit and have him build it from scratch to learn basic mechanical skills and direction reading skills.

Andrew (uzj100) had one for sale a few weeks back. It was more of a scaler vs comp crawler class.
Axial scx10. good quality kit; though this is assembled there will be plenty of opportunities for a tear down for maint or upgrades but it does lack one of your goals (directions and assembly)

The axial and Losi brands are both quality units and are available in ready to run, or almost ready to run status. If you narrow one down feel free to give me a call and I can recommend some initial upgrades that could be worth consideration. Let me know if i can help.

Dont have a vendor per se but there are some good local hobby stores down your way. The more central RDU ones escape me but hobby town in fuquay is a great browsing spot.

as well rccrawlers.com is a great wealth of info.... like the mud of the rc world

hobby king
rpp hobby
holmes hobby are all good sources for parts or kits

DO NOT buy integy products..... pure crapolla
My kids and I have five Axials...two AX10 crawlers, an SCX10 scaler, a Wraith and an EXO Terra. Of the four types we have the one I like the most is the Wraith. However, the wraith is bigger than the others so if crawling competitions are in your son's future an AX10 Ridgecrest or an SCX10 would be the better choice. If slightly higher speeds (runs at a jogging pace) and just bashing around in the yard, woods or on mtn. bike trails, etc are what he'll do the most, the Wraith is the one to get. The Wraith is more stable at higher speeds due to it's longer and wider wheelbase. The EXO is really fast and it is mainly a track vehicle. Not a good beginners RC. Plenty of upgrade parts for all of the Axials. Stay away from Integy as was posted by Jason. Look for parts made by Vanquish and other reputable companies. If you need any information on setting up your Axial let me know. I can give you some pointers. Also, lots of info on RCCrawler.com. Crawlers are typically hard on steering servos. Spend the money on a good one or you'll be replacing them alot. The kits don't come with electronics so you get to pick and choose what you want to run. Go with LIPO batteries. Don't even bother with stick packs. I run all mine on 2s lipo and they are great. I have bought all of my Axials used off Craigslist. There are some good deals out there if you know what you're looking for. The last one I got, the EXO is easily a $700 machine as equipped. I paid $250. It had about 15 minutes of run time...not a scratch on it. Not a hint of dirt or dust on it. Good luck!

Nathan and his Wraith at URE (Behind Poser Rock)

URE 7-6-13 009.jpg
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John, I got an Axial AX10 from Jason last year. I've yet to put it together, just waiting to pull the trigger on a couple of parts.

If you'd like, I can get it together and show you the ins and outs, then let your son play with it for a bit. I've been looking for an excuse to pull the trigger on the last couple of parts :D
Ditto on Axial, the Wraith and SCX10 are great to get started with, easy to work on, and have virtually unlimited upgrade potential. Lots of great advice already: I'll just add if you want to give an SCX10 a spin, let me know as I have one and a group of us go out regularly for hikes/trail rides (kids participate as well).

They are always coming up for sale, there's a couple of groups on Facebook dedicated to buy/sell/trade, easy way to get started.

I also have an Exo, it's fun but by no means a crawler, and on my 2nd or 3rd run I ran into a wall and destroyed the front end. :) It's all aluminum now, hopefully I'll not hit more walls but if I do I hope it won't break.
Double ditto on the SCX10. I have the trail honcho - rtr version, and am impressed with it. It has been a very reliable truck.

Like everyone else has said, let me know if you want to check it out.


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